I just added two more scenes to my story, bumping my wordcount up. I still have more editing and proofreading to do before I hand it off to a professional. I’m trying to decide if I should also look into finding people to beta read for me. Maybe once I’ve finished my edits, I’ll try and make up my mind. At the moment, this story looks like it’s going to be a novella, which isn’t bad. I could add more but I’d have to change the ending and I’d rather not do that. Who knows what will happen next.

Preview: First Chapter

I decided to post the first chapter of my story, The Lost King. The link to the preview is on the right-hand side. Constructive feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

edit: I realized that I might be a good idea to include the link in the post as well, lol.

 Preview: First Chapter of The Lost King