Book 2: Info and Myths

Did more world-building today for book 2 this afternoon. If you read The Lost King, you were also able to read the short excerpt from the first chapter of The Father God, which mentions an new country called Ino-Dess and a new enemy that Lierah, Mozriel, and the others have to face. Well, in addition to the people of Ino-Dess, there will be two more countries introduced. One of them is called Shemanti and is ruled by an empress. As I was working on the background of the people and how they came to be, a story popped into my head. It the legend of the first king of Shemanti, Utaruki Unt. This will be relevant to the events of The Father God, so you may find it interesting. Hope you like it!

     Long ago, before war and disease began to torment man, there lived a young man name Utaruki Unt. He lived in a small village in Shemanti with his father, mother, and his father’s two other wives and their children. They lived together on a small piece of land, tilling the soil and tending to their goats. His closest companion was his brother, Zengaru, the son of his father’s third wife, Emalind. One day, Utaruki went into the forest to hunt for deer. He walked all over the forest but could not find a single deer. Growing tired, he stopped at a small lake for a drink of water. As he bent down to quench his thirst, he noticed an old woman fishing nearby. Taking a quick drink, Utaruki went over to her and bowed saying, “I hope you are having better luck with the fish, than I am with the deer this morning, Good Mother.”

     The old woman smiled and said, “My luck has been no better than yours, my son. I have only managed to catch one fish.” Utaruki looked down into her basket and saw only a tiny fish. “Mother, let me catch the fish for you. I will have five more fish in no time.” said the young man. The old woman smiled and handed Utaruki the fishing pole. He baited the hook and cast the line as far as he could. It was not long before he caught five fish for the old woman. The old woman clapped her hands. “You have caught me enough fish for a fine meal.” she said. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a gilded knife and handed to Utaruki. “This knife will never dull or rust. Use it and it will survive you will, my son.” Utaruki took the knife and bowed to her. When he looked up, the old woman was gone. Utaruki realized that the old woman was the Goddess Damara Nashi in disguise. And that is how Utaruki was chosen by the Goddess to become the first king of Shemanti.

getting back to work

I managed to stop being a slacker long enough to get started writing my second story. I’m having my novel(lla?) edited right now by my former Junior Honors English teacher. I’d already written a little bit of the second story so that I could place an excerpt at the end of the first story. Right now, I’m expanding that little bit into the first chapter. I’ve already written an overview and some other background info about the conflict and challenges that my characters are going to face in this story.

It will begin one year after the events of the first story. A stranger will appear in ship warning of an impending disaster. New characters will be introduced along with one or two new countries and a new deity. The title will be The Father God. That’s about as much as I can tell you without ruining it all for you. I may upload a new version of the First Chapter Preview in a little while since I’m still editing and tinkering with everything still.