break time

I’ve slogging through my revisions for a while now and it seems like every time it looks like I’m getting closer to be finished, something else comes up. As I was going through my editor’s notes, one of her suggestion about a particular scene gave me a minor freak-out. Why? Because it could mean that I have to re-write the whole scene and change a plot point. Ack. I’ve been mulling it over this weekend. Thanks to a conversation with an awesome person at church (<3 you Mrs. Monroe), I’m going to take a bit of a break from my revisions. I think I might work on my piano project this week and try and do some other writing instead. Hopefully that will give me the creative energy to finish this revisions and complete the novella. Cheers to recharging batteries!

Maybe this is what will save the independent stores. A very promising concept indeed.

just when you think it’s over

Yesterday, I talked with one of my uncle’s about drawing the cover for The Lost King. Talking with him got me thinking about other things I may need to address in the story that I may not have written about already. One of the things he said to me was, “Are you sure you have enough story for your novel?” As I sat down this afternoon to edit and write some new scenes to make the story a bit longer, I thought about a few loose ends I could tie up, one of them being a minor character who is unknowingly related to one of my main characters. I realized that I need to finish his part in the story and give him some closure.

I also was able to write a full overview for the second story, which I’ve tentatively titled, The Father God. Most of the action will take place in a new location, with new people groups being introduced. Without giving anything away, I will tell you that the scale of the conflict that my main characters have to deal with in the second story is much larger and the consequences much greater. The outcome will have a significant impact on next story.