revisions are evil

Got the rest of my edits back from my editor. The original feedback she sent me didn’t have all the information she wanted to tell me, so she sent it to me again last night via email. Overall, the feedback I got was very helpful, although some of it I’m not sure about. I was planning on getting down to work but I’m feeling a little too anxious right now to get anything done. Just so I wouldn’t feel totally unproductive, I pulled out Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway and re-read the chapter on Revision. This chapter talks about the process of revision, criticism and workshops, and questions to ask yourself about the story while you rewrite. It’s a short chapter but it is rather helpful. These are the questions that Burroway suggests that you ask yourself:

"What is my story about?" or "What is the pattern of change?"

"Is there unnecessary summary?"

"Why should the reader turn from the first page to the second?"

"Is is original?"

"Is it clear?"

"Is it self-conscious?"

"Where is it too long?"

"Where is it undeveloped in character, action, imagery, theme?"

"Where is it too general?"

I plan on keeping these questions in mind as I get back to editing tomorrow. I hope that they will be helpful to you as well. You may also want to check out Writing Fiction for yourself. It has a lot of really useful information.


I finally got my story back from my editor a few days ago. The only downside is that she made so many notations and suggestions on the story itself, my poor laptop is struggling to deal with all the data. I had to change my writing program from OpenOffice to LibreOffice because OO kept crashing ): There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two thankfully. Most of the icons and layout are the same which makes it easy to use. It’s going to take me a couple of hours to read through the whole story and start making all the necessary corrections *sigh*

editing and such

So, I finally got my initial edits back from my editor! She gave me some really great feedback on my novel. I only gave her the first 20 pages so that I could see her editing style. I hope to have her edit the rest but I’m not sure if I can afford it, being as broke as I am. If you need someone to edit or give you some advice on your writing, Winslow Eliot over at Multimedia Writers is the person to see.

Preview: First Chapter

I decided to post the first chapter of my story, The Lost King. The link to the preview is on the right-hand side. Constructive feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

edit: I realized that I might be a good idea to include the link in the post as well, lol.

 Preview: First Chapter of The Lost King