getting back to work

I managed to stop being a slacker long enough to get started writing my second story. I’m having my novel(lla?) edited right now by my former Junior Honors English teacher. I’d already written a little bit of the second story so that I could place an excerpt at the end of the first story. Right now, I’m expanding that little bit into the first chapter. I’ve already written an overview and some other background info about the conflict and challenges that my characters are going to face in this story.

It will begin one year after the events of the first story. A stranger will appear in ship warning of an impending disaster. New characters will be introduced along with one or two new countries and a new deity. The title will be The Father God. That’s about as much as I can tell you without ruining it all for you. I may upload a new version of the First Chapter Preview in a little while since I’m still editing and tinkering with everything still.